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keep slience before you know what on earth you want to say知道说什么之前,最好保持沉默

silence 英[salns] 美[salns] n. 沉默,无言,无表示,无声,沉静,肃静,寂静,缄默; 无音信,失去联系,忘却,湮没,无表示,无音讯; [乐] 停止; vt. 使安静; 使沉默; 压制; [例句]They stood in silence 他们默不作声地站着.[其他] 第三人称单数:silences 现在分词:silencing 过去式:silenced过去分词:silenced silence somebody 让某人别说话 silence the different views 压制不同意见 3.break(the)silence 打破沉默,开口说话 silence 静静地,默默地,无声地 5.keep silence 保持沉默,不开口;保持安静.

n silence沉默地[网络短语]in silence 在沉默中,在缄默中,静静地In silence 默默地Out in the Silence 寂静的呐喊,有声胜无声,喊山Do not suffer in silence. 不要在沉默中隐忍.I started to be more present. I meditate more and I stay in silence

silence是名词,silent是形容词 keep silent 保持沉默

A girl is crying in silence.

The library is in silence now.

1 this question for me is a piece of cake .2 She usually picks up her child to school .3 4 It doesn't go whth your dress.5 The questioner was heard out in complete silence6 I

silence ['sailns] n. 沉默;寂静;缄默;不谈;无声状态 vt. 使沉默;使安静;压制;消除噪音 int. 安静!;别作声![ 过去式silenced 过去分词silenced 现在分词silencing ] 短语:in silence 沉默地 keep silence 保持沉默,保持安静 silence is

是介词短语,可作状语.in silence[in sailns],安静地,无声地;[例句]They walked on in silence for a while.他们继续默默无语地走了一会儿.We should not pass over this disgraceful affair in silence.我们不应对这件可耻的事保持缄默.

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