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set off fireworks和let off fireworks都是放烟花的意思. 例句: People set off fireworks and tooted their car horns. 人们点燃烟花,按响汽车喇叭. The teacher forbad the pupils to let off fireworks in the school. 老师禁止学生在学校放烟火.


Opinions on whether fireworks should be banned or not vary from person to person. Some are in favor of the idea of setting off fireworks, because they think it can bring good luck to the special days, especially to the coming new year. If fireworks are


放烟花set off firewoks

不错啦set off [light] fireworks 放烟花 firework是指烟花

Setting off fireworks causes(因为前面是一个整体事件,用第三人称单数) an argument. On the one hand, it is not (no 后面一般接名词,另外这里就是 it is 的否定形式而已) necessary(形容词就可), because setting off fireworks may do(情态动词后面用原形) harm to our eyes(眼睛复数). 大体上就是这样,另外后面的语意上有点奇怪. 这没有必要,因为放烟花或许真的会伤害我们的眼睛.前后矛盾哇.供参考


light可以作动词,"点燃"的意思.例如:light a fire/a cigarette

ignite the firecracker 点炮竹ignite the squib 点小鞭炮

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