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quilt[英][kwlt][美][kwlt]n.被子,棉被;被状物v.缝(被);用垫料填塞后缝拢;东拼西凑地做;用摘抄等方法编辑vt.东拼西凑地编;加软衬料后缝制vi.缝被子复数: quilts双语例句1.mary saved up pieces of cloth to make a quilt.玛丽存了几块布

quilt 美 [kwlt] 英 [kwlt] v.绗(被);绗缝(衣服);用垫料填塞后缝拢;将(钞票等)缝进衣服里 n.加衬芯床罩 被子;棉被;被褥 例句筛选1.To make into a quilt by stitching (layers of fabric) together.把(织物层)缝合在一起的制成被子2.You said to him, had climbed into bed, ready to lift a quilt lying in.你对他说,已经爬到床上了,准备掀开被子躺进去.

被子 , bei zi

是可数名词one quilt,a quilt不可数名词:milk,water,pork,mutton等等等等

被子:quilt n. a cloth cover for a bed filled with soft material such as feathers. 也可当可数名词, 在床上:in bed 在床上有枕头和被子.可译为: There are pillows and a quilt in bed. *There is a quilt and pillows in bed. There are pillows and quilts in bed.

quilt[kwilt]n.棉被vt.制成棉被, 摘录,编辑vi.缝被子quiltquiltAHD:[kwlt] D.J.[kwilt]K.K.[kw!lt]n.(名词)A coverlet or blanket made of two layers of fabric with a layer of cotton, wool, feathers, or down in between, all stitched firmly together, usually in a

直译:离开你 我只有褥子

warn警告 sailor水手,海员,乘船者 port左舷,转向左舷 store仓库,商店.

which 用于定语从句,作关系代词,在句中要做成分 in which 用于定语从句,作关系副词,在句中不做成分,in which=wherein which 只能用在定语从句中,等于where,在定语从句中作状语. 如:he lived in the house in which tom once lived. he

quilt 读音:英 [kwlt] 美 [kwlt] n.被子,棉被;被状物 v.缝(被);用垫料填塞后缝拢;东拼西凑地做;用摘抄等方法编辑 vt.东拼西凑地编;加软衬料后缝制 vi.缝被子 复数: quilts 例句: 1、Trembling with fear, he threw himself down on the

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