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Permission 允许,许可,同意[U][+to-v] We have obtained permission from the directors to use some of our funds. 我们已得到董事的许可,可以动用部分资金. You can't take photographs here without permission. 未经许可你们不能在此处拍照.

问的是permission这个单词的用法么 permission:允许,许可 (名词) 动词形式为permit 作为名词,它通常可作为词组出现 比如:征求(某人的)许可 ask for (someone's) permission she is asking teacher's permission to leave the classroon.

Well, Permission means the right to do somethings which somebody allows you..For Exmple,"Did i give you permission to take that?"

permission是名词 [p'min] n.1.同意;允许2.许可;准 形容词形式是permissive或者permissible permissive [p'misiv] adj.1.允许的;许可的2.随意的;放任的;宽 permissible [p'misibl] adj.1.可允许的;容许的2.许可的;准许的

ask for permission 请求许可the permission to do sth 准许做……with one's permission(副词词组)如果某人允许的话.在某人的允许下written permission:书面许可证;签单;书面许可;书面同意Give somebody permi


permission的短语比较丰富,常见的有下面这些:permission denied没有权限;拒绝访问permission guard许可保护机制permission marketing许可营销;特许行销permission to park停车许可ask for permission征求许可;请求允许

1.allow (doing) sth 允许(做)某事.如:The facts allow no other explanation. 事实不允许有其他的解释.2. allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事.如:My parents don't allow me to go out at night. 我父母不允许我晚上出去.3. allow s

allow [E`lau]vt./ vi.允许,准许 用法: allow for sth. 允许某事 allow doing sth. 允许做某事 allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 (注意被动:sb. be allowed to do sth.)

1. <p>名词</p> <br/> <br/>permit <br/>permission</li> 2. 动词 <br/> <br/>allow <br/>permit <br/>let</li> 3. <br/> <br/> <br/>一&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; permit 通常指上级、规则或法令等表示的准许,其语气较重;而 allow 通常指消极地不加反

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