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look up to什么意思

look up to1.尊敬;敬仰;赞美:They all look up to their teacher.他们都很钦佩他们的老师.2.将…尊为(榜样等)(常与 as 连用):We look up to him as a hero.我们把他尊为英雄.look up into望入 一般用在这个短语中:look up into the sky抬头望向天空

look up to 尊敬;敬仰

look up to基本翻译尊敬 网络释义 look up to:尊敬 | 敬仰 | 仰望

look to是指望的意思,look up to 是尊重的意思

look up 向上看; 抬头看 don't look up. 不要向上看. 改善; 好转 business is looking up. 商业日趋繁荣. 拜访(某人) next time you are in beijing, look me up. 你下次来北京时, 来找我. 查找 please look up a fast train to leeds. 请查一下去利兹的快车.

look up to 的 to 是介词,意思是 “对 高看一眼”,后面应该用名词或动名词作宾语.

look up 中文释义:查找;查阅;探望;看望 英文发音:['lkp] 例句:Many people have to look up the meaning of this word in the dictionary.这个词的意思很多人都要查字典才知道.【词汇解析】 look 英文发音:[lk] 中文释义:v. 看;瞧;


look up:仰望;查阅;尊敬;拜访 短语 look sth up 查找 ; 查字典 ; 查寻 look it up in 看它在 ; 翻看 ; 在中查找 symbolic look-up 符号查找 扩展资料1、More of our children should be able to look up at night and see that the Milky Way is not just

1.尊敬 The students all looked up to the old philosophy teacher. 学生们都很尊敬那位哲学老教授.1. 来回看They will make preparations for wedding.13. look across 来回看They look across the room at each other.2. 什么也不是look through是固

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