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未来的生活 life in the future will be very interesting and easy. because the roborts would help us to do everything that we don't want to do. And if you want to go to another country, you can just press abutton and the private spaceship will take you wherever you want to go in a few minutes. That will be so exciting!望采纳


看到这个提问突然想起了梁静茹的一首歌 里面有一句“c'est la vie”当时不懂,查了一下,翻译是“这就是生活”不过是法语的 英语的话,这就是生活,翻译应该是 That is life、This is life、Life as it is


Why do the books so appeal to her?为什么书本对她来说是如此吸引呢?Besides helping with her English,has changed the way she understands life and love.书本除了帮助她提高英文以外,还改变了她对于生活和爱的理解.“Love is different from

你认为那个传记作家喜不喜欢被他记录人生故事的那个人?(也就是喜不喜欢他所写的那个人)主句:Do you think the biographer likes or dislikes the person whose life story is being told修饰the personthe biographer [英] [bairf]传记作家 n.根据传记作家身份就应该是被他们记述故事的人

1.As they celebrated the dragon's birthday,he learned that there was no need to be annoyed because they hadn't prepared his breakfast -- for there are much more important things in life,like being hap

keep walking~~

1、先做学生,在做先生.Be a pupil (first and then a teacher)2、哪里有水,哪里就有生命.Where there is water.there is life.3、只要你能帮助我,我就给你提供吃的.As long as you can help me,Iwill provide food f

拥抱生活.生活,是美好的.安全带就像您的妻子和女儿一样贴身保护您.为了家人为了他人的家人.Embrace life.Life is good.Seat belts just like your wife and daughter close protection to you.To family for other f | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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