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in relief显著地;鲜明地;浮雕一般disaster relief赈灾;灾难援助relief valve安全阀;减压阀 更多词组短语双语例句 原声例句 权威例句1.His family has been on relief ever since he died. 自他去世后, 他的家属一直靠救济过日子.《新英汉大辞典》2.The doctor's treatment gave no relief to the patient. 那医生的治疗并未使病人的病情减轻.

这两个都不算固定搭配,在不同的句子中根据语境判断 in relief 强调状态,一般都用be in relief,而with relief 强调动作,do sth with relief

n. 救济;减轻,解除;安慰

relief的用法举例: 用法示例1:The pills her some relief. 参考翻译: 药片减轻她踊些偷苦. 用法示例2:This medicine will give you quick 参考翻译: 这字药将迅速解除陪的病痛. 用法示例3:A doctor's life is consecrated to the relief suffering. 参考翻

救助 造句:He was in relief with us.他被我们救助


with relief 做状语,修饰动词 in relief 表达的是一种状态

She says she is all right,which makes me happy in relief.如释重负,松了口气in relief

dozen和dozens的用法 dozen可用复数吗?dozen后要接of吗?你知道dozen的用法吗?请先看下面一道试题:we already have _________ pencils,but we need two _________ pens.a.dozen of,dozen b.dozens of,dozens c.dozens of,dozen d.

in a way 是个介词短语(习惯用语) 意为:在某种程度上 In a way, I'm glad you made that mistake, for it will serve as a warning to you.在某种程度上说, 你犯那个错误我倒感到高兴, 因为它可以对你敲警钟 如不明白请追问 手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可 如果有其他问题请采纳本题后另发点击向我求助,答题不易,请谅解,谢谢.祝学习进步

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