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For this rEAson造句

你好, for this reason: It's raining outside. For this reason, you have to stay at home.外面在下雨,因为这,你只能留在家里. take up: Activities take up too much of our time.活动占去了我们太多的时间. tooto: He is too young to go to school.他还没到上学年龄. so that: It's so late that we have to leave.太晚了,我们必须走了.

'I drank too much water before I went to bed, for this reason, I had to wake up and go to the toilet sereval times.'

1.It is for this reason that television proves such a boon to so many people 就是因为这个原因,电视才会给这么多人带来如此大的便利. 2.I used it in my initial aspect demonstration code last month for this reason. 因此,在上个月我的初始方面演

For this reason, I have decided to take practicing medicine as my future career.

由于这个原因,我期末考试没及格 For this reason, I failed in the final examination

Peter had a fever.For this reason he didn't go to school.

I like English culture and I wish to have a visit in Britain someday for this reason.我喜爱英国文化,就是因为这点,我希望有一天可以去英国旅游.如有帮助,请采纳一下,谢谢~

关于“For this reason”怎么造句,给你举如下几个例子:1、l like to study for this reason i study really hard.我成绩很好是因为我爱学习.2、For this reason, we must assume as little as possible about the use of theseoperations.针对该原因,我们

forthisreason: It's raining outside.Forthisreason, you have to stay at home.外面在下雨,因为这,你只能留在家里

He was late for school for this reason.因为这个原因,他上学迟到了. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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