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FAll AwAy是什么意思


fallaway英['flwe]美['flwe]释义(火箭各级的)分[散]开,排出网络反身退步; 排出; 分开

(土地)向下倾斜.例句:if lands falls away,it slopes down steeply.



On the other side of the hill, the land falls away sharply.As she looked at him, the years 9% inflation rate is in large part due to temporary factors that will fall away next year.1.

歌曲:fall away歌手:the fray 专辑:how to save a life [ti:fall away][ar:the fray][al:how to save a life]the fray - fall awayyou swear you recall nothing at allthat could make you come back downyou made up your mind to leave it all behindnow you're forced

fall [ f:l ] vi. (因引力从高处)掉下,落下: 例句: Apples fell from the tree. 苹果从树上落下. Snow is falling fast. 雪下得正猛. 摔倒,跌倒,跪倒: 例句: He fell into the water. 他跌入水中. The clock fell off the shelf. 钟从架子上摔了下来.

fall的中文 意思是跌倒、秋天的意思.具体释义如下:fall英 [f:l] 美 [fl] 1、动词 v.跌倒;落下;减少;沦陷例:Mind that you don't fall. 注意别跌倒.2、名词 n.秋天;落下;瀑布;减少例:As autumn draws near, leaves begin to fall from the


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