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be conscious of与be aware of的区别:1、aware:英 [we(r)] 美 [wer] ,意识到的;知道的;觉察到的.conscious:英 [kns] 美 [k:ns] ,有意识的,神志清醒的;自觉的,有意的;(痛苦,感情,冷气等)感觉得到的

aware [e5wze] adj.知道的, 明白的, 意识到的 conscious [5kcnfes] adj.有意识的, 有知觉的, 故意的, 羞怯的 aware是倾向于自己发现到的,一开始就心中有数的 conscious一般是自己没发现,但是突然感觉到的,很突然的.

be conscious of 要意识到 双语对照 词典结果:be conscious of[英][bi: kns v][美][bi kns v] 知道; 意识; 察觉; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.It is not too uncommon for many people to be conscious of their smile. 对大多数人来说,有意识的微笑是很普遍的.


be aware of知道awareadj.知道的;意识到的例句用作形容词 (adj.)If you were aware of all that, you would change your mind.如果你知道了那一切,你会改变主意的.Then he became aware that they were regarding him with interest.这时,他意识到他们都在饶有兴趣地看着他.

be conscious of:意识到,察觉到例子:"i think we have to be conscious of the legalisation that we have and use it when necessary, " he aware of:知道,注意例子:if you stop and be aware of your breath, it would reduce the likelihood of going to have the spiral feeling like that.

是一个词组 可翻译为:知道

You must be conscious of your mistakes and correct them . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!万事如意,心想事成!满意请采纳!谢谢!:)

During this hour, be conscious of your thoughts, as well as external influence.

He is conscious of his mistakes

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