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At homE是什么意思

at home1. 在家He's left the key at home. 他把钥匙放在家里. 2. 精通的He's completely at home in French. 他精通法语. 3. 自在的Please sit down and make yourself at home. 请坐,别拘束

at home是'在家'的意思, 'be home'也是在家的意思,两者基本上意思一样,但是一般用前者较多.


没有in home的说法,at home是固定用法.1、用法上的区别:In--在….内部:In the coffee shop.At--开放的地点,无论在内在外,但是对于城市,国家,城镇不可以:At the coffee shop.2、搭配不一样 in home也可以表示在家,强调的是在房

这是“国内外”的英文固定搭配.at home and abroad 除了你问的这一种说法以外,还有两种:1. both here and abroad 2. home and abroad 【例句与用法】1.Should the West root unreservedly for Soviet success? Or should Western economic

stayed at home 呆在家里 重点词汇:at home在家; 在国内; 在家接待客人; 精通 例句:1、Last night they stayed at home and watched TV 昨晚他们呆在了家里看电视.e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e59b9ee7ad94313333663064632、He

at home 英[t hum] 美[t hom] [词典] 在家; 在国内; 在家接待客人; 精通; [例句]I was at home on furlough.我正休假在家.

Where is Mary? She is at home. 在这里, home 就是在家的意思I think he is beginning to feel at home in his cousin's house after a while, 就不是在家的意思了你要想知道准确的答案,你就必须给大家多一点信息,不要太吝啬.. Where are you?

那得看具体场合的 一般用at home(在家) 这里 home为adv.(副词) in one's home 这里 home为n.(名词) home主人在外面跟别人对话说到自己东西或者自己朋友在自己家时一定要用in,注意 是交谈之中 in my home

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