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As olD As的同义词

1. the same as 真要用也许只能这么说:She is beautiful in the same way as Alice have shown.the same +n. as 接名词2. Lucy is in the same age as Alice.Lucy and Alice are in the same age.3 L and A are both stingy/generous.L is as stingy/generous as A.4. 都对 就是both放的位置不一样嘛 毫不影响…

at the same age of me

the same as 意思是 和一样 翻译 莉莉和露西年龄一样

i am fourteen years old.= i am fourteen.= my age is fourteen.= i'm aged fourteen.= i'm at the age of fourteen.

I am __the ___ ___same___ ___age___ ____as __ my cousin.

为你解答.Lily is as old as Lucy. (变为同义句)Lily and lucy have (the) (same) (age).Lily和Lucy年纪相同.

年龄一样大 或者是一样老

Eve is( the same )age (as )her brother.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


您好!Kitty is as old as Simon.=Kitty is(the)(same)(old)as Simon.

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