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Let me shine just like the sunlight.


harry potter and the deathly hallows only had prevue in china. have you seen it?

这个不叫转换器,一般叫电子词典或词霸. 国产的金山词霸是老牌的了,很不错,另外还有一款灵格斯词霸(又名:灵格斯翻译家)也很不错,我自己用的就是这款,下载后,可以自动进行全文翻译,正确率不错,不过也是在线翻译的,像谷歌


Mary worked very hard in school, often at home reading books, sometimes the Internet. Very healthy, exercise three or four times a week, walking to school every day. Good eating habits, eat lots of vegetables and fruit.

Parfois, tout ce dont j'ai besoin est quelqu' un qui me serre dans ses bras en silence.

Hello, my dear teachers, I'm honored to stand here today to introduce myself, my name is Yang guang. I'm 20 years old, 170 centimeters in height and weigh 53 kilograms.I'm an optimistic person from the beautiful province of Jilin.The local customs

去有道可以找,缩短 shorten,减少 reduce ,谢谢,请采纳! order to understand students better, teachers go to our dorm everyday. 2.i was a dancer before, i usually dance on the playground, and i like dance myself. 3.refer to my father's health, i must take him to the hospital to have a look. 4.please let me

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