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你好,match 作动词时,意思是“与……匹敌,和……相配”1.i'm ready to match my strength with yours.我准备和你比力气.2.he can match you in tennis.他打网球和你不相上下.3.lily's blouse matches her skirt.莉莉的衬衫和她的裙子很相配 one can match him in archery.在剑术方面没有人能够和他相比.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

there's a match with others.we match A with sth.

match sb

1.直接加宾语,意思就是说什么与什么比较匹配.Her shoes match her skirt.她的鞋子同她的裙子很搭配.

match1. 匹配2. 火柴3. 匹配,适配,配对4. 比赛I think that shoes do not match Lucy.

I am bored with my boss. He keeps arranging me a lot of tasks.我厌烦了我的老板,他总是布置给我很多任务.I will talk to you later when you are available.等会等你有空我再和你谈.I won't go to the movie with him.我不会和他去看电影.No one is

n.火柴, 比赛, 竞赛, 匹配, (足球, 捧球, 蓝球)比赛v.相配, 相称, 比赛, 相比, 匹配n.(名词)One that is exactly like another; a counterpart.成对的一方:确实与另一个相似的人或物;相应物One that is like another in one or more

一般为match sth to sth的结构:将和搭配起来;The animal pitures was match to the correct sounds.将动物图片和它们发出的声音搭配起来. The words was match to the picture.将相应的单词和图形搭配起来.

I wil watch your match tomorrow.I want to watch your match with my aunt .

Hundreds of people work hard for their family day and night 上百的人日日夜夜为了他们的家庭辛苦工作着

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