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it's difficult to play Baseball

1、What was said was of prime importance.说过的那件事是很重要的.2、Flowers make no difference to this room.这房间有没有花没什么区别.3、 Scientists have tended to skate over the difficulties of explaining dreams. 科学家们往往回避释梦的难题.

How to overcome the difficulties in life As the saying goes,Difficulties just like t he spring , if you are strong and it would be weak, if you are weak ,it would be str ong. So I think, In the face of the difficult ies, we should welcome them, should n ot be fear

这几个造句我做过 group:My best firends and I are in the same groupdisabled: We should help the disbled childrendifference: There is no difference between the books imagine We can hardly imagine life without electricity.normal But these are not

A group of people went camping.The internet function on this phone has been disabled.There is no difference between those two tests.Imagine if you had a million dollars.The normal weather of summer is quite hot in this region.There are many

1.(1)There's a girl jogging.(2)There's a dog barking.(3)There's a man napping.2.这个 (3)It's terrible for her to overcome the difficulties.4.(1)Arriving the place,he started to

1.她会一直唱下去,除非有人叫她停止.(She will always sing, unless someone told her to stop.)2.要是我没有给你打电话,你明天就过来.(If I didn't call you, you will come tomorrow.)3.他工作和我们同样努力.(He worked hard and we also.)4.是什

that后面的一切都是realize引导的宾语从句该从句中,you would never know your strength,willpower or potential 分别构成了主语,谓语,宾语,而without overcoming those difficulties 做伴随状语只不过是该状语前置而已o(∩_∩)o

Never give up There are many difficulties in our life . We may fail or even want to give up when we meet these difficulties . But there is nothing difficult for you if you put your heart into it . The great American inventor Edison met a lot of difficulties in his

你好!在通往你梦想的路上将有许多困难:There will be many difficulties in the road leading to your dream.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

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