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If you study hard , you will get a good grade in this test. If John doesn't arrive here before 5:00 , he will miss the train. If she doesn't finish her homework tonight , her mother wil not let her to go the bed. If Susan doesn't tell the truth , nobody will know it.

常见的有以下三种情况: 一、条件状语从句的主句是一般将来时,那么从句常常用一般现在时. 如: when i grow up, i'll be a nurse and look after patients. 我长大后要当一名护士,照顾病人. 二、如果主句是祈使句,那么从句通常要用一般现

主将从现是指在时间状语从句和条件状语从句中,如果主句是一般将来时,从句用一般现在时替代一般将来时. 常见的有以下四种情况: 一、条件状语从句的主句是一般将来时,那么从句常常用一般现在时 如: When I grow up, I'll be a nurse

优质解答 需要“主将从现”的例子是吗?以下就是:You will be able to catch the first bus to town if you get up at 6 o'clock. (如果你6点起床,你就能赶上到市区去的第一班车.) I will give you a ring as soon as I get to Shanghai. (我一到达上海,

1.If John is able to go with us, we'll be glad. 2.In case he comes, let me know. 4.We'll start when the monitor comes. 5.Whenever we meet with difficulties,he would come to help. (其实其它几个连词的位置和这几个都差不多的)

回答楼主:主将从现:①If you use your head,you will find a way. ②We will give you a good price if you are thinking of buying it. ③I will go to the park if it doesn't rain tomorrow. ④I will ring you up as soon as I get to Beijing. ⑤Your parents will be very

if you come here tomorrow, i will give you a gift.

“将”:主句可以用一般将来时、祈使句、情态动词+ do “现”:从句可以用一般现在、现在完成时(初中不考,高考必考) “连接词”:if、as soon as、when(until、unless、before、the moment、the minute) 1.-- Have you returned the

答案是: if you go to the party ,you will have a good time 如果你去参加聚会,你将玩的很高兴 If he doesn't come today , he will surely come tomorrow 如果他今天不来,他明天一定会来 if we don't get enough exercise ,we won'k keep healthy 如果我们不进行 足够的锻炼,我们将不能保持健康 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

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