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have a little nose ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

my father is an engineer . he has worked for a big firm for many years my father not very tall and he has short hair and small nose that make his face look very friendly and he is always very optimistic and love him!

i have a medium size nose i have a medium size head不大不小还可以翻译成average - size或者moderate.替换一下就行了

英文原文:I have a small nose with long hair英式音标:[a] [hv] [; e] [sml] [nz] [w] [l] [he] 美式音标:[a] [hv] [e] [sml] [noz] [w] [l] [hr]

我有一个小鼻子I have a nose.参考答案:一般疑问句:Do you have a nose?否定句:I don't have a nose.同义句:I have got a nose.否定句:I haven't got a nose

a nose,one nose

i have big eyes a small nose and long hair

Carle has a pair of small eyes and a small nose.卡尔有一双小眼睛和一个小鼻子如果对您有帮助请采纳 谢谢

tom has a pair of big eyes and a small nose.汤姆有一双大眼睛和一个小鼻子英

翻译:the one with a small nose小鼻子 [[xiǎo bí zi]]基本翻译a small nose | little nose

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