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Taylor swift 的 blank space和style 两首都是专辑《1989》中的 Ariana Grande的 love me harder Hozier的take me to church Ed Sheeran的Thinking Out Loud 望采纳!谢谢

<p>维多利亚的秘密 、张惠妹</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>

维多利亚的秘密2015泳装大片背景音乐是《I Knew You Were Trouble》. 歌名:《I Knew You Were Trouble》 歌手: The Karaoke Channel 专辑:《The Karaoke Channel - Sing I Knew You Were Trouble Like Taylor Swift》 发行时间:2012年

Ella Henderson-GLOW Kanye West,DWele-Flashing Lights

维多利亚的秘密2015内衣秀开场曲 歌曲标题 歌手 专辑 1 break the fall laura welsh break the fall 2 run the world (girls)mv beyoncé 3 glowmv ella henderson glow 4 anything could happenmv ellie goulding anything could happen 5 underwater love

Blank Space、Style、Thinking Out Loud、Bang Bang、problem、break free和Take Me To Church 这是维秘最新的全部歌曲

moves like jagger---maroon 5 animals---maroon 5 sugar---maroon 5

Is There Anybody Out There - Bassheads/Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger/Just Get Up And Dance - Afrika bambaataa/Bang A Gong (Get It On) - T.Rex/I Want Your Love - Transvision Vamp 【五首老歌串烧】

好多的,我这是全部的Break the Fall -- Laura Welsh“片头 oh oh oh”02Run the World (Girls -- Beyoncé“01:42”03Glow -- Ella Henderson“02:22 Lily”04Anything Could Happe -- Ellie Goulding“04:28 Behati&Joan”05Underwater Love

片头 0:10outro-M83开场 My Songs Know What You Did In the DarkFall Out bBoy1:48 Is There Anybody Out there? -- Bassheads 2:45 hollywood nights bob seger4:47 I Want Your LoveTransvision Vamp5:50 Bang A Gong -- Santana;Gavin

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