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主谓宾 I watch TV. He likes playing football.主系表 I am a girl. He is tall and thin.主谓 It is raining. The train stopped.主谓宾宾 Pass him an apple. Shiow me your photos.主谓宾宾补 We must keep the classroom clean. The students make him monitor.

1.---What grade are you in ? ---I'm in the sixth / first / second grade. 2.---Why were you late yesterday?---Because my watch stopped. 3.We're in the same grade. 4.Here comes the bus. 5.Let's get on the bus. 6.I'm not late today. 7.---Where did


1.the man is a sailor. the men are sailors ; 2.sheis nice. they are nice. 3.the box is old. the boxes are old . 4.the knife is dirty the knives are dirty. 5.the bed is green. the bed are green . 6.the watch is nice the watches are nice . 7.the monkey is thin the

I am playing

1He is a doctor.2Mr Green comes from America.3The news is exciting.4The book is funny.5I'm interested in English.6He looks well.7This is an easy problem.8She like swimming.9I love English.10He's good at drawing.11It is a good idea.12It's

四、掌握并能熟练运用下列句子(34句):1.Hello! / Hi! 你好2.Goodbye! /Bye! /Bye-bye!拜拜3.--Thank you!/ Thanks!/ Thank you very much! / Thanks a lot!谢谢--You're welcome!/That's OK./ That's all right.不用谢4. Sorry./I'm sorry.

给你总结的也有语法重点也有一些句型结合希望对你有帮助!陈述句的故事Hello, boys and girls!大家都知道,陈述句家族的职责是用来叙述一个事实.其特点是句末用句号".",朗读时通常用降调"". 陈述句家族中有"两兄弟":老大

一 改否定句:1先找be动词或can must should may,在这些词的后面加not. 2如果没有上面那些词,在动词前加don't/doesn't/didn't.二 改一般疑问句:1找be动词或can must should may,把它调在前面.(后面照抄)2如果没有上面那些词,就在句子前面加Do/Does/Did.

一般疑问句,就是将一般疑问词提到句首.没有一般疑问词(am is are)就加上助动词(be,do,have)放在句首.然后句子中间注意要改变的地方.基本助动词只有三个:be,do

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