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Hello, Peter I am li ping, I come from China. What's your hobby? I have many hobbies. But my biggest hobby is animal. But my favorite animal is the koala, because I think he is very cute. I also like the dog, because it is very clever. I also like the tiger,

Hi,lily.Last monday was my birthday, but my parents could't come to see me because my home is far away from here. After the evening self-study, my classmates and teachers held a simple birthday

whice i am longing forDear Jim.I am a middle student, Iam sorry to disture you,my father ask me to become a teacher. So I let that distress to you.i don'.next year i will take part in entertence of the exam of the college,but idon',i want to go a unversity


Now let me tell you something about my English teacher Mr Lee. He is in his forties and he has a happy family. He is out-going and he can get on well with his students. He is always full of energy and her lessons are always well-prpared and clearly

Hi,Nancy,How are you?Hope you're well.I have a problem and need your help.I failed math exam yesterday.My mom was really mad with me.In order to do better next time,I

One possible version:Dear John:I'm your friend called Li Ping.our school's english club will hold an english night party for us, i'm very glad to invite you to come with me!Now let's tell you something about the good party!it'll start at 7:30 p.m in 15th April

Dear principal,l'm li ping ,a student in senior grade two.recently some student bring mobile phones to the classroom and…

At breakfast ,I ate eggs and apples.But my father ate eggs and bananas. I had hamburgers for luch.My father had pears. In the evening,I ate tomatoes and carrots.My father didn`t like carrot,he ate chicken希望能帮到你

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