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急急急急!!!!哪位有牛津英语7A unit2 My DAy教案

2010中考英语复习课本知识整理七年级上Unit 2 Is this your pencil?一、单元目标定位1.重点词汇 pencil铅笔;pen钢笔;book书;eraser橡皮,铅笔擦,黑板擦;ruler尺,尺子;case箱,盒,橱;backpack双肩背包; dictionary字典; baseball

7A重点句型汇编 1. I like listening to music. 2. He enjoys playing computer games. 3. I am in the Reading Club. (=I am a member of the Reading Club.) 4. At the weekend, I usually go running for half an hour. 5. In the evenings, we often have dinner at

牛津英语Module5unit3课件Scienceversusnature牛津英语Module5unit3课件Scienceversusnatureman versus nature,nature science牛津英语Module5unit3课件Scienceversusnature牛津高一英语第二单元课件-新课标[原创]stening practice

Module 7 My school day Unit 2 Lessons start at nine o'clock.在九点开始上课.1、嗨,我是阿里斯科.我今年13岁了,我的公园学校在牛津大学附近.这是我在学校的一天.早上我七点起床吃早饭.2、我的学校在我家旁边.我八点半去学校,

Title: snakeTeaching contents: I don't knowTeaching aims: write a short story to a mobile phone save lives.If you walk alone at night, grab your city mobile phone.Teaching importan

My DayToday is Sunday.I get up early.Because I play sports.I wear my T-shirt and my skirt.Then I go to the playground to play ping-pong with Lucy.We are happy.After that,we eat breakfast .I like drinking milk but she likes drinking juice.At 10:00,I play


初一年级英语练习 一、根据所给单词的正确形式填空. 1、Shirley,_____(not be) sad. 2、The little boy is _____(friend) and ____(help). 3、His sister ____(stay) at home on Saturdays. 4、Is it time ____(begin) the party ? 5、My grandma doesn't


My dayI had a wonderful holiday at spring festival . I went to the park with my friends . We met at eight o'clock at the school gate . We went to the park by bike .It was a beautiful day . We sat under a big tree and chated with each other . We brought

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